What is insomnia?

Why we can’t sleep?

Recently, the increase in the number of people who complain about the problem of insomnia is remarkable. Experts also stress that insomnia is a growing health problem in modern societies and paves the way for serious diseases.  Are we eating, drinking, or stressing all of us, or are those who accumulate in our subconscious miss our sleep? How many hours can a person survive insomnia and when should insomnia be considered a disease?

According to the studies of the Sleep Medicine Association, 20 of every 100 people in our country suffer from insomnia as a symptom and 12 as a disease ambien to sleep. The frequency of insomnia increases with age and is more common in women.

Insomnia can be a symptom of another disease, but it can also be a sleep disease alone.

ntv.com.tr ‘s answer to the questions from the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Neurology and Sleep Diseases Specialist. Dr. Derya Karadeniz, insomnia is not just a symptom, to be considered as a disease at least 3 days a week and at least 3 months, also have a daytime symptoms must be found, he says.

Daytime symptoms include fatigue, attention deficit, fall in work efficiency, tension, frequent mistakes or accidents when driving, decrease in interest, discomfort in being with other people ambien tablet, feeling desperate, sad, irritable or touchy, daytime sleepiness, headache, stomach- problems such as intestinal problems.

Any situation that disrupts sleep hygiene may trigger short-term insomnia. Activities that disturb sleep hygiene are as follows:

  1. In the evening or in the evening, even if short-cut.
  2. Variations in bedtime and morning waking times.
  3. Spend more time in bed awake.
  4. Use sleepers regularly before bedtime (alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine).
  5. Exercise very close to bedtime.
  6. Making stimulatory activity close to bedtime.
  7. Use of bed for sleep activities (watching TV, reading, snacking.)
  8. Use uncomfortable mattress.
  9. Poor condition of the bedroom (excessive light, excessive heat, extreme cold, noise etc.)
  10. Close to bed to do things that require serious concentration.
  11. To engage in mental activities that prevent sleep in bed; such as thinking, making plans, remembering the past.

Insomnia is a long-term and permanent condition unlike short-term and temporary insomnia. The main cause of insomnia diseases with different types is the insufficiency of the systems that initiate sleep in the brain or the excessive functioning of the vigilance systems.


Sleep is composed of NREM (Non uRapid Eye Movement) with rapid eye movements and Rapid Eye Movement (Rapid Eye Movement) with rapid eye movements ambien drug. The NREM and REM periods of sleep are cycling through the night.

You need to sleep 6ire8 hours a night to spend a normal waking day. However, there are shorter sleepers who need less than 6 hours of sleep and long sleepers who want to sleep longer than 8-10 hours.

Research shows that human sleep time can be reduced by up to 2 hours in the long term. However, the brain does not allow continuous sleep to be shorter than normal. He emphasized that insomnia can prepare Alzheimer’s and dementia for aging the brain ambien to sleep. Black Sea, öre We can foresee that some sleep diseases such as Parkinson’s can occur. So sleep disorders can be a preliminary symptom of Parkinson’s disease. Yani

Insomnia can be a symptom of another disease or it can be a disease alone. It is also known that insomnia is significantly associated with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Neurology and Sleep Diseases Specialist , insomnia in the human body in order to see the effects of the research done after sleep deprived following the following health problems:

Iştir In researches, attention and learning were developed and later forgetfulness developed. Prolongation of insomnia causes tension, irritability and extreme mobility. Provides regulation of sleep, memory, attention, learning, reasoning, decision making, problem solving, physical skill and emotion. Some of these functions are provided in NREM stages of sleep. 24 hours of sleeplessness has been shown to create a lack of attention over the legal alcohol limit in terms of attention deficit. Insomnia also affects the immune system. People who were allowed to sleep for four nights, only four hours of sleep, had a much weaker immune response than people who had normal sleep times when the vaccine was given on the fifth day. the In many of the diseases of yku, it has been shown that the immune system is impaired and the susceptibility to infections increases. Regardless of sleep diseases, the voluntary reduction of sleep also reduces immunity, particularly the susceptibility to infectious diseases. Dr. Black Sea, sizlik after sleep deprivation in the subject before the attention and learning, later in the movements of incompetence has developed. Three days later, the immune system began to develop. In the following days, with the continuation of mood disorders, depression, insomnia, a psychotic process with delusions and violent behaviors emerged. The experiment was terminated with the possibility of death due to further suppression of the immune system and the widespread inflammatory condition throughout the body. In other words, it is not possible to continue life without sleeping. The Black Sea, the quality of a sleeping should be done for the following: QUALITY SLEEPING SLEEP HYGIENE to ambien tablet comply with the rules of the day-every day at the same time waking up. Having mental activity.

  1. Setting a threshold hour for sleep.
  2. Going to bed when it is ready to sleep.
  3. Pay attention to the use of coffee, tea and alcohol in the evening hours.
  4. Adapting the physical characteristics of the bedroom. terminating physical and mental activities.
  5. Getting out of bed when you cannot fall asleep.
  6. Termination of at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  7. Do not take too much liquid in the evening hours.
  8. Sports during the night, excessive exercise, do not do things in the body do not work.
  9. at least 2 hours before bedtime to reduce mental activity.
  10. It should be kept in mind that devices such as computers and mobile phones that were used before going to bed, disrupt the quality of sleep.