How to treat sleep diseases and insomnia?

How to treat insomnia?

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Derya Karadeniz, yaş When we look at the characteristics of sleep in infancy, childhood, adolescence, adult and old age varies. Any dormant disease or disorder directly affects wakefulness and triggers the emergence of many diseases. The duration of normal sleep, the time of sleep, the wake-up rate in the morning, and the wake-up threshold, that is, switching to wakefulness with any external stimulus, differ in each person. It is genetically different from birth and sleep is like a person’s fingerprint.

The normal sleep time is 7-8 hours, uy In general, 80 percent of the society sleeps in normal sleep. But there are two different types of it, short and long sleepers. This is also something inherent. One person is 30-40 years old. Why do we sleep 4-5 hours?

Is this insomnia? Bu Yes, but if this has happened later, but this is since childhood, this is the sleep time it needs. When we are describing the normal ambien to sleep, we are talking about the sleep that the person rested in the morning, awake and awakened.

Sleep Disorders Can Be Treated

He states that sleep disorders are not psychiatric disorders. Sleep diseases, sleep-wake mechanisms are caused by the disruption of mechanisms. When we say sleep diseases, there are various categories and more than eighty sleep diseases are defined. Diseases of sleep disorders are clearly identified and treatable diseases. But. Can be treated, Fakat he said, yanıt diseases that last for a lifetime, but lasting for a lifetime, and for which treatment is very good, he said.

He also mentioned the types of sleep diseases ambien tablet. First of all, there are sleep disorders with insomnia. Here we are talking about insomnia diseases caused by disruption of sleep-wake mechanisms. It contains 8-10 diseases in itself. The other category is sleep breathing disorders. In general, there is a disease in the community known as sleep apnea or sleep apnea syndrome. Sleep breathing disorders include 18 diseases. Ambien to sleep apnea is not aware of sleep in person, breathing, stop, decrease, strain and fall in oxygen, heart rhythm deterioration, the heart’s blood pulse power reduction, the blood supply and oxygenation of the brain deteriorates with deterioration.

Therefore, we are talking about a group of diseases that cause damage to the whole body, especially to the heart and brain, and to shorten the life span of the person if untreated, leading to heart disease and diabetes, especially hypertension. Another group of sleep disorders is hypersomnia, which is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, inability to stay awake during the day and cannot maintain alertness. Another group is sleep disturbances, especially restless leg syndrome.

This again, the person can not always be aware of, during sleep in the arm, the leg moves, these movements may not always be noticed by people sleeping with the person or person may not be the movements, but as a result, sleep disturbances are disturbing ambien drug. Parasomnus, which is a group of diseases in which the behavior is made unconsciously and unconsciously during sleep, is known as another group of people, getting up and walking in sleep, yelling, yelling, eating food without awareness, wetting underneath.

Difficulties in falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep, very often waking up or not to wake up again in the early morning, tired waking, need to sleep during the day or sleepiness, lack of concentration during the day, attention deficit, forgetfulness, despite the normal nutrition weight gain, inability to lose weight in spite of various methods, sexual dysfunction in the age of non-age, ie, incompatible with age, forgetfulness, nervousness, tension and even depression as a result, all of them are symptoms of sleep diseases.

Sleep disorders do not only go with night-time symptoms ambien tablet, but the opposite is actually the symptoms of the disease. At this point, if a sleep disease is suspected, a sleep test should be done. Of course, this should be done by doctors who specialize in sleep and have been trained in this subject. Because sleep is no longer a medically independent science.

As Evaluation of Sleep Patient Detailed A process, uyku Insomnia, except sleep diseases, people are not aware of the diseases that people are aware of themselves. The patient can tell the insomnia. But he may not know why he woke up too often. We need to do a lot of techniques for this. From brain to heart, pulse, oxygen, carbon dioxide, arm movements, leg movements, eye movements, all functions of the body throughout the night we look through the examination. There are some side tests used in the detection of sleep diseases.