Causes of insomnia

What Is Insomnia?

Quality sleep is important not only for our social life but also for our health. It becomes almost impossible to be productive on a day of insomnia. This may lead to serious health problems in the long term. To cope with this situation, first of all, what is insomnia, causes insomnia, what are the causes, sleepless how to treat the questions should be learned. Insomnia with details you want to learn with our news.

Insomnia prevents the need to sleep, which is one of the most basic requirements of all people since infancy. Normally, it takes 30 minutes for a person to fall asleep. If you have slept less than three hours in 3 times within a week, you are experiencing insomnia. In this case, we begin to look for the answer to the question of how insomnia passes. However, what is sleepiness, causes, causes and how to treat the answers to the questions will help us to overcome this problem.

To be healthy in the true sense of good nutrition and regular exercise as well as enough time to sleep is a must ambien drug. Lack of falling asleep at night, frequently waking up, sleeping for a very short time or spending long hours without sleeping can be counted among the major insomnia diseases. Insomnia can be experienced as a result of another disease and can be considered as a disease in itself. Sleep problems before you start to lower the quality of life; the diagnosis should be evaluated by a specialist.

Causes and Symptoms

Factors that cause insomnia include a very broad framework. Therefore, finding the source of insomnia may require control of different areas of expertise in medicine. Since the mood of those who have insomnia symptoms will also be affected by this situation, they may become pessimistic about body health ambien to sleep. However, it is possible to say that there are mostly daily problems under sleep problems. When the period tides are overcome; Sleeping holes can also be replaced by peaceful nights. Of course, under all circumstances, it is useful to stay on top of all possibilities.

1. Stress

School, work, social environment or financial difficulties … If you are very busy with these issues before sleep; or if you have a sad agenda in one of these areas, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Stress, not only the brain, but the whole body alarm, making it difficult to fall asleep and lead to a continuous alert with defense psychology.

2. Depression

Depressive mood is also one of the most common causes of insomnia. In cases of severe insomnia, the presence of a psychological factor should be investigated. Depression may develop as a result of long-term stress or any psychological trauma; the presence of a different mental problem, such as bipolar disorder or anxiety.

3. Lifestyle

An unheard lifestyle may invoke sleep problems without realizing it. Spending time on the computer for many long hours at night, working shifts, sleeping until late in the afternoon, not putting a sleep routine into the routine are the main reasons for insomnia.

4. Drug use

It is known that many drugs, which can be sold without prescription, have side effects in the form of insomnia. Before taking any medication, consult a doctor and read the prospectus of the drug. Same way; Using sleep medication for sleep also causes sleep dependence after a period of time and alters the quality of sleep completely.

5. Caffeine consumption

The effect of caffeine varies from person to person; Excessive caffeine consumption can often lead to problems such as heart palpitations and insomnia. If food, such as tea, coffee, energy drink, cola and chocolate are not restricted during the day, the accumulation of caffeine in the body will inevitably lead to insomnia.

6. Environmental factors

Another factor that determines sleep quality is; how sleep is carried out in an environment. Factors such as taking light, airless, bed or pillow not conforming to the person’s ergonomics and sharing the room with someone else can cause sleep quality to deteriorate.

7. Nutrition format

In particular, eating too much food before sleep, excessive fat foods to stimulate the stomach and sleep to make it difficult to pass. Spicy foods and fries consumed in excess can also play an important role in insomnia.

8. Health problems

More rarely, insomnia can be a result of a brain function disorder called “insomnia”. Similarly, insomnia is one of the natural consequences of many diseases, from stomach diseases to thyroiditis, alzheimer to parkinson, joint disorders to heart problems. Long-term insomnia with blood, urine tests and any necessary examinations The presence of a health problem must be investigated. Before you go to bed coffee, tea, not to drink stimulant drinks, to take a warm shower, to eat heavy food in the evening, to sleep more during the day, such as some sleep effects night sleep. In addition, if you apply the following items in your room you can have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Choose a dim light.
  2. Check the sound insulation of your room. It should be cold.
  3. Refresh your pillow at least every 2 years. How to treat it without weakness The people who have started to experience negative consequences such as dizziness, blackness and not resting enough body? begins to look for the answer to the question.

Diagnosing the source of insomnia is the first step of treatment ambien tablet. Peaceful sleep will also return when the factor that causes the frequent division of sleep is eliminated. Especially in the case of a month of insomnia;
professional care should be taken before going to search for medicinal plants and so on for insomnia.

Generally, the following methods are used in the treatment of insomnia:

Changing sleep behavior It is imperative that sleep hygiene be avoided in order to avoid the damages of shortness. As a result of the examinations, it is concluded that the factor that deteriorates the quality of sleep is environmental factors, malnutrition or lifestyle; Sleep routine, caffeine reduction, a light diet before sleep can be followed. In the same way, it is possible to control the frequency of night awakening in the new state by changing the conditions in the sleeping environment.

In addition to sleeping during the day to do activities that require extreme exertion and not to be overwhelmed by experts is not recommended. MedicationTreatment medications are not frequently recommended because of the dependency that they create during the transition to sleep; drug treatment for the health problem behind insomnia can be applied. Since health problems such as frequent urination, snoring or sleep apnea also make it impossible to sleep without pores, their treatment will naturally solve the problem of insomnia. In the detection of more serious disorders such as thyroid or heart problems, it may be advisable to use drugs to solve these problems; Thus, hormone balance can be restored.


In addition to drug therapy, therapy may be recommended ambien tablet in cases of insomnia associated with mood and nervous disorders such as stress, depression or bipolar disorder. Without any physical or spiritual cause of insomnia; it is known that it can occur even due to the fear of not being asleep, and this is called primary insomnia. Therefore; In addition to drug treatments such as antidepressants or antihistamines, therapy from specialist psychologists may also be useful for patients suffering from sleep problems.